Compare the cost of booking your seat on Ryanair, Easyjet, British Airways, Jet2 and the rest

Let’s be honest – paying to choose your seat is a tax on families.

Business travellers and even couples are not as bothered about sitting together for flight, but when you have young children, you have no choice.

Airlines have to do their best to sit families together but this is not always possible. And there are reports of airlines scattering passengers who haven’t prepaid for seats around the plane to deter them from risking it again.

passengers on a plane in their seats

How much does it cost to choose your seat on an airline?

So what is the cost of booking your seat?

We assessed the cheapest available on a route from Manchester to Spain in June.

Airline Price per person
Ryanair  from £3
EasyJet  from £4.49
British Airlines  from £6
Flybe  from £6.50
Norwegian  from £7
TUI  from £8
Jet2  from £9
Thomas Cook  from £13

In conclusion

The price is fairly varied with a £10 difference between the cheapest Ryanair and the most expensive Thomas Cook.

It doesn’t sound much but multiply that by four or more seats and double it for the return and you could be looking at £80 extra for your holiday.

Don’t forget there are special deals for families on some airlines and offers to buy a deal including luggage, seat and meal which can be better value.

 The most comprehensive chart on airlines is this one from the Civil Aviation Authority.

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