It’s not often you get to stay in a castle – let alone one that has featured in ITV’s Cold Feet


Chateau Rhianfa.

Where is it?

It is in the Menai Bridge area just into Anglesey rising above the waters of the Menai Straits in its own large grounds.

What is it?

A castle built like a French chateau with 30 rooms and three self-catering lodges on site.

Is it family friendly?

Fairly, it is an historic house with some quiet areas for couples plus dinner is a very formal affair. But having said that the hotel does welcome families, giving them the option of self-catering lodges or hotel rooms. The staff are friendly and the outside space is great to run around and explore.

The rooms

You have two options and we sampled both:

Our hotel bedroom had a large double bed and sofa-bed. The furnishings were top notch and the bathroom had luxury toiletries and a powerful shower. It was fun negotiating the winding staircase up to our room and the old fashioned lift as well.

Inside a hotel room at Chateau Rhianfa

A hotel room

If you prefer self catering, there are several options of varying sizes. We stayed in the Gate Lodge, which used to be home to the attendants who worked for the Chateau owners.

The two-storey cottage had great views across the Menai Straits, plenty of space and a well-equipped kitchen. You get full use of the facilities but no food is included.

Gate Lodge self-catering cottage at Chateau Rhianfa in Anglesey

Gate Lodge

Food and drink

Breakfast was tasty and filling in a large, wood-panelled dining room. The evening meal was spectacular, with lobster pasta a hit with our four-year-old.

I enjoyed the best cooked steak I have ever had. It is a formal, romantic setting so I would definitely eat as early as possible with a family to avoid feeling uncomfortable – but don’t miss out because of that as the food is great.


The location provides easy driving to Beaumaris Castle, Anglesey Sea Zoo and the popular beaches in every direction. It is a long walk to the nearest shops and restaurants off site.

Our highlights

*Real history. How often can you say you’ve stayed at a castle? Chateau Rhianfa was built in the French renaissance style in the mid-1800s. Just going through the huge main door to reception feels like an adventure.

The lounge area at Chateau Rhianfa

Inside Chateau Rhianfa

*The gardens. The beautifully kept gardens are great for exploring, there are steep bits so keep an eye on small children.

*Its own beach. Okay, that may be slightly exaggerating as there isn’t a lot of sand but when the tide is out on the Menai Strait, the hotel has its own stretch of mainly rocky beach to use. Think more rock pooling than lying on a lounger but it will keep children occupied for an hour or so.

*The wine bar. The best part about stopping here is exploring all the nooks and crannies inside and outside. There are lots of turret windows to grab a table and a view at, we found a wonderful secret bar called the Wine Cave complete with peep hole for a quick family drink. The children loved the historic feel of the bar.

Claim to fame

Fans of ITV’s Cold Feet will recognise this venue as it featured in an episode for the wedding of Spanish nanny Ramona in 2019.


Chateau Rhianfa, Beaumaris Rd, Menai Bridge LL59 5NS

For more information and rates visit the Chateau Rhianfa website.

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Gate Lodge has amazing views

Gate Lodge has amazing views

(We stayed as guests of Chateau Rhianfa for this review, all views are our own).

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