Madrid tops a new list of the best destinations for families around the world

Madrid has been ranked as the best family-friendly capital city in a new survey, followed by London, Paris and Berlin.

Holiday company Club Med compiled the list using factors including the average cost of a break, total visits, social media posts and attitude of the locals.



The Spanish capital topped the list – it was third for the average spend per day (£74 – with the average meal price of £9.50), first for the number of UK visitors and has a happiness score of 6.31 out of 10.

London came second and was the most ‘instagrammable’ destination on the list – it lost points for how expensive it is with an average meal price of £15.

Other popular places included Bangkok, Abu Dhabi and Washington DC.

Spain had more than double the number of British visitors in 2018 than the next most popular country, France.

Nathalie Drew, Marketing Director at Club Med said: “Wherever you choose to spend quality time with your family, the simple fact that you’re all together is a good start.

“We want people to have unforgettable family holidays, with fond memories from beginning to end.”

Here is the full list. See what you think.

The top 25 ultimate family holiday capital cities are:

  1. Madrid
  2. London
  3. Paris
  4. Berlin
  5. Bangkok
  6. Vienna
  7. Budapest
  8. Stockholm
  9. Abu Dhabi
  10. Lisbon
  11. Amsterdam
  12. Helsinki
  13. Hong Kong
  14. Brussels
  15. Copenhagen
  16. New Delhi
  17. Ottawa
  18. Washington DC
  19. Luxembourg City
  20. Dublin
  21. Rome
  22. Bern
  23. Oslo
  24. Canberra
  25. Tokyo

Have you been to any of them, what did you think?

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