Top five tips for families going glamping this year

Top five tips for families going glamping this year

A glamping website reveals its top five tips to make your family’s holiday a success – plus the most popular option to stay in

If your children are desperate to go camping but you’re not keen – why not try glamorous camping or ‘glamping’.

It’s a way to enjoy the great outdoors but in style – but without all the hard work and with a comfortable bed and bathroom facilites!

And Glampsites.com says an increasing number of their clients are picking yurts ahead of glamping pods (main picture) for their UK breaks this year.


Yurts are getting more popular

Tara Laird, from Glampsites.com, said: “When Glampsites.com began taking online bookings in September 2017, the glamping pod was a stand-alone favourite, dominating the vast majority of all bookings.

“However, although as popular as ever, glamping pods now face some healthy competition with holiday makers demanding not just a stay but an experience.

“Yurts are a burgeoning structure within the glamping industry, and they just keep getting better. Competition continues to drive the market forward, and with every yurt that adds an outdoor pizza oven, another adds a wood fired hot tub.”

The company has now compiled a list of advice for families planning a glamping holiday.

1. Compile a check list

No two yurts or glamping pods are the same, so conduct thorough research and planning to make sure exactly what is in your yurt, outside your yurt, and more importantly, what is not, so you can bring that equipment with you.

2. Prepare for a rainy day

Just in case the weather is bad, bring some board games. If you can’t quite bring yourself to leave iPads or tablets at home, maybe keep them in the car until you really need them for wet weather entertainment.

3. Get back to nature

The beauty of a yurt holiday is getting back to nature, so don’t try to cram in too many activities. Just sit back and appreciate your surroundings.

4. Scope out the area

Yurts are often in rural areas and undisturbed surroundings. But after a day or two you may need to get out and about so do a little research and check out things to do nearby for children.

5. Be willing to disconnect

Most yurts don’t have WiFi, so the advice is to embrace the opportunity to disconnect from the outside world and recharge.

For yurt holidays go to Glampsites.com