The 9 top tips to finding cheap flights for you and your family

The 9 top tips to finding cheap flights for you and your family

We reveal how to save money when flying

As families think about booking flights for 2020 trips, we share some top tips for bagging a cheap fare.

Secret Flying, which specialises in uncovering discounted plane tickets, has compiled its guide to saving money on a family holiday.

You will get a cheaper flight if you do the following:

1. Travel midweek

The cheapest days to fly are Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

2. Book a round-trip/return trip on a long haul airline

Round trips will usually be cheaper than two one-way tickets if you are flying further than Europe.

3. Check one-way on budget carriers

Occasionally, two one-way tickets with separate budget carriers around Europe will cost less than a round-trip ticket. For example, you could fly out to Malaga with Ryanair but return with EasyJet.

4. Booking last minute can work with charter flights

Companies which specialise in flying package holidaymakers, like Tui, can be heavily discounted at the last minute.

This is because if the package holidays haven’t sold then there will be extra space on their planes which they want to fill with flight-only passengers. We have seen prices as low as £249 to Florida and £299 to the Caribbean.

5. Last minute is rarely cheaper with scheduled or budget airlines

Most long haul airlines like British Airways and Virgin Atlantic raise prices the closer you get to departure. It is the same with budget carriers. In these cases, it probably pays to book in advance.

6. Use Skyscanner ‘Everywhere’ to find a bargain

The SkyScanner website lets you search every departure from a specific airport. For example, you can search every flight from Manchester between May 23 and May 30 (half-term week) to see which destination is the cheapest option.

7. Stop over on a long haul flight

You can save on airfare taxes, which often make up the bulk of any long haul fare, by taking a short flight to a European destination and going long-haul from there.

For example, flying from Birmingham to Amsterdam and then going with KLM to the Far East or the USA can be cheaper than going directly from the UK. You must stay over for at least 24 hours in Amsterdam in this case to benefit from the tax saving.

8. Be flexible

The more flexibility with dates you have, the more your chances of saving money will be. This is tricky with school holiday dates but try searching midweek departures in the summer holidays or leave it until closer to September for cheaper flights.

9. How to get an upgrade

According to Secret Flying, the best ways to boost your chances of a free upgrade to business class is to be a member of the airline’s frequent flyer programme, dress smartly and only check in at the airport.

If you check in online, your seats will already be allocated and the airline is less likely to move you up a class.

Secret Flying is a free service for users who get daily flight deals to their inbox every evening. Alternatively there is a new app. For more information please visit www.secretflying.com

Airline Ryanair launches an Autumn sale with 25 per cent off a million seats

Airline Ryanair launches an Autumn sale with 25 per cent off a million seats

Ryanair announces ‘Awesome Autumn’ sale on winter and spring flights

Airline Ryanair has today cut the price of a million seats on flights by 25 per cent.

The ‘Awesome Autumn’ sale applies to flights between November (2019) and May (2020).

The offer runs until Sunday, October 13.

Ryanair’s Alejandra Ruiz said: “This week we’re cutting 25 per cent off one million seats across our European network for travel between November and May, so it’s a perfect time to plan a bargain breakaway between these months.

“This amazing offer will end at midnight on Sunday, 13 October so customers should log on quickly and take advantage of this amazing Autumn discount today.”

For more details visit the Ryanair.com website.

Research reveals the best value long-haul flights from the UK

Research reveals the best value long-haul flights from the UK

Skyscanner reveals the cheapest routes per mile for families from the UK

Flights from the UK to Bali are the best value long-haul deals available for families, according to research by Skyscanner.
The flight search website also rates the Philippines and New Zealand amongst the cheapest routes per mile.
Bali Denpasar is leading the way, appearing twice in the top three cheapest routes per mile, with Manila and Auckland also showing up more than once.
Oakland in the United States is also a good value option.
This is Skyscanner’s Top 10 Cheapest Long-Haul Routes based on cost per mile
Average Flight Price
Distance (miles)
Price per mile
Bali (Denpasar)
Bali (Denpasar)
Lisa Tyndall, Senior Growth Manager at Skyscanner, said: “We analysed our flight data to find which long-haul destinations are offering the best value based on cost per mile.  
“It was great to see popular destinations such as Bali, Auckland and Manila appearing more than once.”
She recommends travellers make use of travel tips to find the best deals.
“For example setting price alerts, considering departing from a different airport nearby and just changing their departure day slightly can all help save money,” she added.
EasyJet launches new flights from UK airports to cities like Barcelona and Venice

EasyJet launches new flights from UK airports to cities like Barcelona and Venice

EasyJet has launched 16 new flights from UK airports to cities including Barcelona, Bordeaux and Venice.

But the airline has cut other services as it marks its 1,000th route.

The company will start five new routes from Manchester, as well as new flights from London Luton, London Stansted, Liverpool, Bristol, Belfast and Glasgow.

The seats are on sale now for winter services launching from October.

The Manchester to Bordeaux route will be easyJet’s 1,000th.

However some UK routes have been cut. The anna.aero flight website says it has found 32 services not running this winter, mainly serving German airports like Hamburg and Berlin. 

UK routes not running this winter include Liverpool to Lisbon, Luton to Hamburg and Berlin to Edinburgh.

UK country director for easyJet Sophie Dekkers said: EasyJet has come such a long way since our first ever route from London Luton to Glasgow in 1996 and we are so excited to have reached the 1000 routes milestone today.

“The launch of these 16 new routes across the UK provides our passengers with even more amazing destinations across Europe for both holidays and business travel.”

The full list of new UK routes is:

Belfast to Fuerteventura from £26.70

Belfast to Prague from £24.68

Belfast to Salzburg from £24.68

Bristol to Larnaca from £30.74

Bristol to Are Ostersund from £36.70

Bristol to Sofia from £38.72

Glasgow to Venice from £26.70

Liverpool to Toulouse from £22.6

London Luton to Gibraltar from £15.72

London Luton to Krakow from £30.7

Manchester to Lanzarote from £28.72

Manchester to Barcelona from £36.70

Manchester to Bordeaux from £24.68

Manchester to Faro from £26.70

Manchester to Innsbruck from £24.68

London Stansted to Hurgharda from £36.80