EasyJet announces new route from Liverpool to Turkey

EasyJet announces new route from Liverpool to Turkey

Families in the north west welcome the airline’s new route to Antalya

Europe’s leading airline Easyjet is launching a new route from Liverpool to Antalya in Turkey.

Flights will operate weekly on Thursdays throughout the summer, providing families from the North West with a direct route to another popular Turkish resort.

It joins Easyjet routes already available to Dalaman and Bodrum in Turkey from Liverpool.

The port of Antalya offers lots of historic attractions and is situated on what is known as the Turquoise Coast for its stunning blue waters.

Flights will take off from April 2, 2020 and the new service is expected to carry over 8,000 customers during its first season.

Seats are now on sale with fares from £60.16 return.

Ali Gayward, EasyJet’s UK Country Manager, said:We are delighted to confirm today that we will be launching a new route from Liverpool to Antalya.

“As the largest airline at Liverpool, we’re focused on strengthening our network and providing our customers in the North West with excellent services by offering great value fares, a convenient schedule and more choice when they travel.”

Antalya will become the 33rd destination on easyJet’s Liverpool network.

John Irving, CEO for Liverpool John Lennon Airport, said: “We are delighted to see easyJet add a further new route to their expanding network from Liverpool.

“We expect Antalya to prove popular with the region’s holidaymakers who can now take advantage of our award-winning Faster, Easier, Friendlier approach to the passenger experience, helping to get their holiday from here off to a great start.

“Holidays to Turkey are popular with passengers from across the North West and North Wales.”

To book and for more information visit the Easyjet website.

Picture shows John Irving, CEO of Liverpool John Lennon Airport and Ali Gayward, EasyJet’s UK Country Manager, celebrating the announcement of the new route from Liverpool to Antalya. 

Budget airline easyJet increases infant fare fee

Budget airline easyJet increases infant fare fee

EasyJet hikes some child and baggage charges

EasyJet has raised the price of taking an infant on its planes to £25.

The infant fee, allowing children under two to travel on an adult’s lap, was £22 but has now gone up by £3 or 13 per cent.

Also, checking in a bag at the airport has gone up from £37 to £40. And checking it in at the gate, if it is deemed too big for hand luggage, now costs £50 instead of £47.

Most passengers pay for checked bags before they arrive at the airport and these fees haven’t changed.

An easyJet spokesman defended the additional infant charges saying it covered airport fees and allowed two child items to go in the hold for free, such as a buggy or car seat.

EasyJet said: “The infant fare is a fixed price to keep it simple and provide value for money.

“Whilst our cheapest fares can be similar to the infant fee, this simply demonstrates that our lowest fares help families keep down the cost of their flights.

“The infant fee covers a luggage allowance for parents of two items of hold luggage like a push chair, travel cot or car seat and covers the airport charges levied on easyJet.”

EasyJet launches new flights from UK airports to cities like Barcelona and Venice

EasyJet launches new flights from UK airports to cities like Barcelona and Venice

EasyJet has launched 16 new flights from UK airports to cities including Barcelona, Bordeaux and Venice.

But the airline has cut other services as it marks its 1,000th route.

The company will start five new routes from Manchester, as well as new flights from London Luton, London Stansted, Liverpool, Bristol, Belfast and Glasgow.

The seats are on sale now for winter services launching from October.

The Manchester to Bordeaux route will be easyJet’s 1,000th.

However some UK routes have been cut. The anna.aero flight website says it has found 32 services not running this winter, mainly serving German airports like Hamburg and Berlin. 

UK routes not running this winter include Liverpool to Lisbon, Luton to Hamburg and Berlin to Edinburgh.

UK country director for easyJet Sophie Dekkers said: EasyJet has come such a long way since our first ever route from London Luton to Glasgow in 1996 and we are so excited to have reached the 1000 routes milestone today.

“The launch of these 16 new routes across the UK provides our passengers with even more amazing destinations across Europe for both holidays and business travel.”

The full list of new UK routes is:

Belfast to Fuerteventura from £26.70

Belfast to Prague from £24.68

Belfast to Salzburg from £24.68

Bristol to Larnaca from £30.74

Bristol to Are Ostersund from £36.70

Bristol to Sofia from £38.72

Glasgow to Venice from £26.70

Liverpool to Toulouse from £22.6

London Luton to Gibraltar from £15.72

London Luton to Krakow from £30.7

Manchester to Lanzarote from £28.72

Manchester to Barcelona from £36.70

Manchester to Bordeaux from £24.68

Manchester to Faro from £26.70

Manchester to Innsbruck from £24.68

London Stansted to Hurgharda from £36.80


Which budget airline is cheapest for taking a suitcase in the hold? We compare them

Which budget airline is cheapest for taking a suitcase in the hold? We compare them

Check the prices of hold luggage from Ryanair, EasyJet, British Airways, Jet2 and the rest

Hold luggage is the most expensive hidden cost on a low air fare ticket.

Unlike business travellers and couples, most families need to take at least one suitcase in the hold to carry all the extra bits and pieces children need.

So we decided to test all the major airlines to find out the true cost of a suitcase.

Our search assumed one 20kg or nearest equivalent bag on a short haul flight to Spain or equivalent distance travelling in June.

A Ryanair plane on the runway

Is Ryanair among the cheapest?

The results

Airline Bag weight Price Cost per kg
Ryanair 20kg £25 £1.25
Flybe 23kg £24 £1.04
Jet2 22kg £26 £1.18
EasyJet 23kg £24.61 £1.07
British Airways 20kg £30 £1.50
Norwegian 20kg £20 £1
Thomas Cook 23kg £20 £0.86
TUI 20kg £22 £1.10


In conclusion

Our winner was Thomas Cook, followed by Norwegian.

What our sample shows is the airlines have clearly come to a view of a rough price they can get away with for luggage.

They aren’t really competing on this cost, unlike the headline fare price.

The luggage price per kilo is fairly similar with the overall price ranging from £19 to £26.

Some of the airlines offer deals for families and cheaper luggage for children, for example, so always do your own check.

There are special deals for buying luggage, seats and meals which could reduce the overall cos too.

See our hand luggage comparison guide here.

*The most comprehensive chart on airlines is this one from the Civil Aviation Authority.

Which budget airline has the most generous hand luggage? We compare them here

Which budget airline has the most generous hand luggage? We compare them here

Read our results to find out which airline offers the best carry-on luggage allowance.

It is a minefield – is your hand luggage bag too big, too heavy or the wrong shape?

In our experience, hand luggage bags are rarely checked or weighed but we have been caught out before so get it right before you leave home.

Here is our guide to major European budget airlines hand luggage limits.

Our hand luggage comparison guide

Airline Maximum size Maximum weight
Ryanair* 35x20x20cm 10kg
Flybe 55x35x20 10kg
Vueling Airlines 55x40x20, plus smaller handbag 10kg
Wizz Air 42x32x25 10kg
Jet2 56x45x25 10kg
EasyJet 56x45x25 No weight limit
British Airways 56x45x25 and a laptop bag/handbag 23kg
Norwegian 55x40x23 10kg
Thomas Cook 55x40x20 6kg
TUI 55x40x20 5kg

*If you want a bigger bag you pay £5 each way to guarantee priority boarding to bring it on the plane or put it in case in the hold for free.

In conclusion

The best overall winner for size and weight is Easyjet.

An Easyjet plane on the runway

Easyjet is the winner in this category

But any airline allowing a bigger bag and 10kg limit should be fine – it can be very difficult to hit 5 or 6kg limits on baggage as often the cases themselves weigh 2 or 3kgs.

The most comprehensive chart on airlines is this one from the Civil Aviation Authority.

See our hold luggage comparison guide here.