Read our results to find out which airline offers the best carry-on luggage allowance.

It is a minefield – is your hand luggage bag too big, too heavy or the wrong shape?

In our experience, hand luggage bags are rarely checked or weighed but we have been caught out before so get it right before you leave home.

Here is our guide to major European budget airlines hand luggage limits.

Our hand luggage comparison guide

Airline Maximum size Maximum weight
Ryanair* 35x20x20cm 10kg
Flybe 55x35x20 10kg
Vueling Airlines 55x40x20, plus smaller handbag 10kg
Wizz Air 42x32x25 10kg
Jet2 56x45x25 10kg
EasyJet 56x45x25 No weight limit
British Airways 56x45x25 and a laptop bag/handbag 23kg
Norwegian 55x40x23 10kg
Thomas Cook 55x40x20 6kg
TUI 55x40x20 5kg

*If you want a bigger bag you pay £5 each way to guarantee priority boarding to bring it on the plane or put it in case in the hold for free.

In conclusion

The best overall winner for size and weight is Easyjet.

An Easyjet plane on the runway

Easyjet is the winner in this category

But any airline allowing a bigger bag and 10kg limit should be fine – it can be very difficult to hit 5 or 6kg limits on baggage as often the cases themselves weigh 2 or 3kgs.

The most comprehensive chart on airlines is this one from the Civil Aviation Authority.

See our hold luggage comparison guide here.


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